A comparison of the spiritual inauguration of christ and buddha

The Second Coming of Buddha? You can be confident using the Universal One Healing.

Jesus and Buddha: Two Masters or One?

I would love to get your feedback. Claims are there are similarities to relics statues, icons in both Buddhism and Christianity. Many historical records claims that he had set out to the far east traveling and learning from the then spiritually advanced eastern civilization. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

Popular speculation speaks of Jesus having traveled to India during "the missing years", the decades before he emerged on the stage of history. Some have posited that Jesus might have traveled there, or that Buddhist teachings may have reached cities of the Jewish homeland, including Sepphoris, a major city in Galilee only four miles from Nazareth.

Jesus knew who he was and what he was to accomplish right from childhood. Finally he told himself that he would not get up until he had found enlightenment. But both explanations are unlikely and unnecessary.

They both urge followers to live a life of peace and love, returning love for hate and anger. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. Buddha died at the old age of 80 years old by eating rotten food, his life was lived without exaggerations of either luxury or asceticism.

Not much similarity here. Could Jesus be the reincarnation of Buddha? Hard it is to understand: There are many similarities between the mythical elements of Jesus and Buddha. With this concentration, which is the very last mind of a limited being, he removed the final veils of ignorance from his mind and in the next moment became a Buddha, a fully enlightened being.

Have You Heard About the Spiritual Inauguration?

This is known as syncretism. Today there are many sects of Buddhism. Just as a typical Christian life is to go to church on Sunday, pray, worship God, and try to live a more loving life, so the typical Buddhist pays homage to the Buddha, renews his bodhisattva vows, donates support for the sangha or temple, and tries to be a better person.

Jesus only explained what they already had in the Scriptures giving the correct interpretations and fulfilling the prophecies. He was in turmoil in his soul seeing the condition of life being unfavorable for so many. The Dharma which are the laws the adhere to on the path to eliminate their suffering.

Buddha himself, however, even spoke about his highest experiences ninth step: Buddha needed to make sense of the world and its suffering for himself. Do you experience conviction of sin? The world is not the world when it is separated from God.

For us to understand and use the gospel to penetrate this religion we need to know what they teach about the Buddha and use the stories as possibly bridges to reach them. There are many similarities between the mythical elements of Jesus and Buddha. But the goal on earth is to eliminate whatever is possible now.

This is the teaching of all the Buddhas [awakened ones]. Professor Kraemer describes the Buddhist system as "a non-theistic ethical discipline, a system of self training, anthropocentric, stressing ethics and mind-culture to the exclusion of theology.

Comparison Of Jesus Christ And Buddha's Life

This is not true. Even the Holy Bible attests to this trade with the story of The Three Wise Men from the East traveling by camel with gifts of frankincense and myrrh.Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings Are there universal truths?

If we compare the sayings of Jesus and Buddha the answer is a heartfelt yes. Jul 28,  · This is a great comparison of the similarities between Buddha and Jesus, Catherine.

Jesus was either influenced by Buddha's teachings or they were both influenced by some, even more ancient wisdom (possibly Solomon).Reviews: There are inherent and fundamental differences between Buddhism and Christianity, one significant element being that while Christianity is at its core monotheistic and relies on a God as a Creator, Buddhism is generally non-theistic and rejects the notion of a.

Popular and prolific Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh reports in his book, Living Buddha, Living Christ, that his “personal shrine” contains images of both Buddha and Jesus, whom he deems spiritual brothers, both worthy of veneration.

Difference between Buddhism and Christianity

Given the current popularity of the Dalai Lama and books and magazines on Buddhist meditation and practice, it seems many Americans might also hold Hahn’s perspective.

A survey of common points in Christian and Buddhist mysticism, including parallels in Buddhis and Christian worldviews, historical development, moral teachings, and parallels between the life of the Buddha and that Jesus of Nazareth and St. Francis of Assisi. The Senior Pastor of the Worldwide Mission Fellowship in London, England; a fast growing multicultural, multiracial church with members from over 20 nations which demonstrates a passionate commitment to the principles of God’s word.

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A comparison of the spiritual inauguration of christ and buddha
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