Ambiguous terms to avoid white paper

Employees often have to work on information in a foreign language and therefore to translate documents before using them. Use of such words tends to be seen as advocating the views of one side over the other, unless they are clearly attributed to the correct side.

Nous vous remercions de bien vouloir patienter, votre docteur arrivera sous peu. In this international context, linguistic technologies and multilingual solutions have turned to essential tools to: However, if a medical record is shared, mechanisms allowing specialists to provide recommendations for problem list additions would be preferred.

It has wasted ROC investments in foreign affairs and brought Taiwan diplomacy to a dead end. British, meaning "male" or "fellow". We experience the world first and most vividly through our senses. This may result in the page having low readership and little or no improvement.

While the international community acclaims Taiwan for its economic developments and democratic political accomplishments, Taiwan is not allowed the dignity of a nation.

Hence, the crucial diplomatic strategy of an energetic government is to combine the government's limited resources with the people's infinite ability to exhibit multi-layered, multifaceted and pluralistic diplomatic strength.

Further, the market driver behind any standardization initiative will be the need for problem lists to provide clinical decision support and population management tools with a precise method for identifying diseased patient populations. The descriptions and terms a specialist may prefer are not necessarily easily understood by the rest of the medical community.

Software Requirements And The Use Of Weasel Words

Avoid ad hominem attacks, treat people online broadly as a reasonable person would treat a relative stranger in person, and help us out by reporting any posts which fall foul of this policy. The ruling Kuomintang, however, was unwilling to highlight Taiwan's independent sovereignty; instead, it proclaimed Taiwan to be a so-called "political entity" under one China, and established "The National Unification Council" and ratified the "Guidelines for National Unification" to determine Chinese unification as the sole option for Taiwan's future.

It's easier to write well when you're closer to knowing what you're talking about. With the problem list, policies to standardize will likely meet the same issues. This is a zero-sum game, or a meaningless competition over the number of formal diplomatic partners.

Rather, simply because Taiwan has very limited recourses to count on, it should explore various channels to intensively open battlefields outside of the international mainstream establishment. Under the enormous threat of China, Taiwan cannot compromise its independent national security interest, but at the same time, Taiwan must also enhance economic interests in the context of global markets.

You work in a French subsidiary of a German, English or American company, you need to understand all the documents inside the company: For example, while Taiwan is managing its relationships with the major powers, we should also carefully consider the possibility of developing relationships with selected smaller but nonetheless important powers, such as the Benelux and Scandinavian countries, which might not be global powers but are influential in their regions.

No massive changes will occur among practitioners without the support of the clinical leadership.I have three directories a,b,c and each have a file named I would like to copy the contents of the file to each of these files. My approach is $ cat {a,b,c}/old.

Sep 09,  · This paper proposes a second probability data association filter (SePDAF)-based tracking method for distributed array radar. meanwhile, avoid the difficult transportability, high cost, and other drawbacks of large aperture radar [5,6]. In order to achieve target tracking under ambiguous angles for distributed array radar, the.

Karl Wiegers Describes 10 Requirements Traps to Avoid 1 Karl E. Wiegers Process Impact I think in terms of three levels of requirements, all of which must be addressed during high-level objectives of the organization or customer requesting the system or product.

They 1 This paper was originally published in Software Testing & Quality. Exception: If the only evidence for a case is a cytology report that uses any of the above ambiguous terms and if neither a positive biopsy nor a physician’s clinical impression supports the cytology findings, do not report this case to the Louisiana Tumor Registry.

LSU School of.

Secular state

Both the ambiguous male and the ambiguous female walkers were constructed using 15 white points defining the major joints of a human actor (wrists, elbows, shoulders, centre sternum, hips, middle pelvis, knees, ankles) plus three additional reference points (centre sternum, centre pelvic, and head).

Use white or light-colored 8 1/2 x 11 paper, printed on one side only. Avoid low quality copies. Do not fold or staple. Use standard typefaces. Use a 10 to 14 point sans-serif font.

Ambiguous terms to avoid white paper
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