An analysis of biotechnology on agriculture and why agriculturist should embrace it

This section describes the reproductive biotechnologies that are specific to the livestock and fisheries sectors. The initial vaccine, which was developed by Dr Walter Plowright and colleagues in Kenya with support from the United Kingdom, was based on a virus that was attenuated by successive passages in tissue culture.

Researchers at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India have developed a genetically engineered potato that produces about one-third to one-half more protein than usual, including substantial amounts of all the essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine.

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An analysis of biotechnology on agriculture and why agriculturist should embrace it

The method most used at present involves direct microinjection of DNA into the pronuclei of fertilized eggs, but progress is being made with new approaches such as nuclear transfer and the use of lentiviruses as DNA vectors. Some countries have expressed concerns that biotechnologies in the livestock sector should be, but are not always, pursued as an integral part of an overall genetic improvement strategy.

Agricultural biotechnology is international. The application of new molecular biotechnologies and new breeding strategies to the crops and livestock breeds of specific relevance to smallholder production systems in developing countries will probably be constrained in the near future for a number of reasons see Chapters 3 and 7.

Rinderpest would be only the second disease to be eradicated worldwide, after smallpox. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA tests have become the standard methodology for the diagnosis and surveillance of many animal and fish diseases worldwide, and the polymerase chain reaction PCR technique is especially useful in diagnosing plant diseases and is proving increasingly so also for livestock and fish diseases.

Targeting the aluminium tolerance gene is one example of using problem-based approaches to integrate molecular and breeding tools to improve wheat production.

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They also increase the incentives for private research in animal breeding and significantly expand the market for improved parent stock. Vegetable imbarks that speak badly? Cryoconservation was identified as a priority by all countries and gene banks were recommended, but funding remains a major constraint.

Developing countries are host to the greatest array of agricultural biodiversity in the world, but little work has been done on characterizing these plant and animal species at the molecular level to assess their production potential and their ability to resist disease and environmental stresses or to ensure their long-term conservation.

Although conceptually simple, the methods used to genetically engineer livestock require special equipment and considerable dexterity, and no agricultural applications have proved commercially successful thus far.

Current research efforts include engineering resistance to animal diseases, such as Marek's disease in poultry, scrapie in sheep and mastitis in cattle, and diseases that affect human health such as Salmonella in poultry.

Other biotechnologies Diagnostics and epidemiology Plant and animal diseases are difficult to diagnose because the signs may be misleading or even entirely absent until serious damage has occurred. The main potential advantage of MOET for developing countries will be in the possibility of importing frozen embryos instead of live animals, for example in the establishment of nucleus breeding stocks of locally adapted genetic resources, with the related lower sanitary risks.

Although vaccines developed using traditional approaches have had a major impact on the control of foot-and-mouth and tick-borne diseases, rinderpest and other diseases affecting livestock, recombinant vaccines can offer various advantages over conventional vaccines in terms of safety, specificity and stability.

Although the cost of vaccination and blood sampling and testing has been high for both developing and developed nations, the effectiveness of national campaigns and regional and global coordination is demonstrated by the fact that there is only one small focus of disease outbreaks still occurring around the world.

This is the same with the Biotechnology sector, not just in Nigeria but everywhere else in the world.

MOET is one of the basic technologies for the application of more advanced reproductive biotechnologies such as cloning and transgenics. These regulations are not put in place necessarily to stop that sector or practice from thriving but they are put in place as a check mechanism to ensure that the practice or that sector is not abused.

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Biotechnology should be part of a comprehensive, integrated agricultural research programme that takes advantage of work in other sectoral, disciplinary and national programmes. Vaccine development Genetically engineered vaccines are being developed to protect fish and livestock against pathogens and parasites.

Asia and the Near East have also been badly affected by this disease. Breeding and reproducing livestock and fish Biotechnology has long been a source of innovation in livestock and aquaculture production and processing and has had a profound impact on both sectors.

A genetic linkage map of wheat was developed using available markers for the existing aluminium-tolerance gene. The number of AIs performed globally during was over million in cattle primarily dairy cattle, including buffalo40 million in pigs, 3. These genetic males, when mated with normal males, produce a group of all-male tilapia.

The main objective of reproductive biotechnologies for livestock is to increase reproductive efficiency and rates of animal genetic improvement.Farmers Benefit from Agricultural Biotechnology Seeds. Decades of documented evidence demonstrates that agricultural biotechnology is a safe and beneficial technology that contributes to both environmental and economic sustainability.

Farmers choose biotech crops because they increase yield and lower production costs. Biotechnology combines agriculture and science to improve crops. Those in the Biotechnology work field say that this new devolvement in science may in the future change agriculture.

It's to solve nationwide as well as worldwide agriculture problems to make farming more efficient and profitable. 4/4(4). Modern agricultural biotechnology includes a range of tools that scientists employ to understand and manipulate the genetic make-up of organisms for use in the production or processing of agricultural products.

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An analysis of biotechnology on agriculture and why agriculturist should embrace it
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