Cervical cancer health promotion essay

Most doctors provide women with pap smears every year and recommend them, but guidelines are changing somewhat. Upon examining this paper, it was found that: Pap smears are very important, as are biopsies if the pap smear shows abnormal cells.

Depending on the country and the culture, adequate medical care and testing may not be available. The screening tools available include The main reason that there are fewer cases of cervical cancer in developed countries is due to the fact that there is much more testing in those countries.

Daughter-initiated health advice to Cervical cancer health promotion essay Daughters who were unwilling to ask their mother to have a Pap smear reported feeling unqualified, fearing a negative reaction and feeling uncomfortable talking about a Pap smear.

During the search conducted in Julyit was noted that a systematic review by Mendes et al 7 on CEA of prevention strategy combinations against HPV infection, was published on March 28th after the preliminary literature review search was conducted by the author.

However, it does raise her risk significantly if there is a strong family history, especially if that history is of a specific type of cancer Peto, Patients, systems, and data perspectives. Finally, the citations within these papers were screened thoroughly using the same inclusion criteria to ensure all relevant articles were included for review.

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Thus, prevention strategies are largely targeted at preventing HPV infection or preventing disease progression for those who are infected.

Communication approaches to parent-child conflict: There are two cytological screening methods: The vaccination for HPV is recommended for women up to 26 years of age, because it needs to be given before a woman is exposed to the HPV virus Luhn, That can be because they have no family history of the disease, or because they do not feel comfortable seeing their doctor about such a private area.

The data extracted was analysed and a narrative description based on their reporting quality, methods and results, grouping them into categories was undertaken. CBA measures the benefits and costs of outcomes achieved from an intervention in purely monetary terms.

Women who smoke are much more likely to develop the disease Gadducci, et al.

Cervical cancer

Developing countries often do not offer the same kinds of tests, and the tests they do have are not given to enough people to really make a difference in saving lives. Once that takes place, the woman needs more radical treatment and a whole-body approach is required. While that may seem odd because smoking is generally thought to cause problems with the heart and lungs, and not with the reproductive organs, smoking is very damaging to the body on many levels.

International Journal of Cancer. This, too, may be similar to some low-income and immigrant families in urban cities where mothers may have a low level of education.

Smoking habit, immune suppression, oral contraceptive use, and hormone replacement therapy use and cervical carcinogenesis: These are then sent to a lab where they are examined for abnormalities of any kind. This approach brings together a range of evidence sources and allows the expansion of the comparators considered in the analysis and an expansion of the time horizon beyond that of a trial period.

Once they contract it, their risk of getting cervical cancer goes up significantly. Women get HPV through sexual contact with others who are infected Luhn, A daughter-initiated intervention would only have high potential to be effective, if both mother and daughter indicate a willingness to work together; thus, this self-selection bias is inherent for this type of study or intervention.

As randomized clinical trials are a necessary condition for the successful licensing of pharmaceuticals, relevant economic data are often obtained alongside the trials for economic evaluations. While many HPV infections clear up on their own with no side effects, that is not the case for all of them.

Because of that, they put off being tested for cancer through a pap smear. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Early detection is the key. There are 2 types of preventive measures available to reduce incidence and mortality from cervical cancer: Owing to high levels of heterogeneity between papers in terms of screening strategy comparisons, modelling methods chosen and geographical context, a descriptive analysis was undertaken.Punch biopsy involves taking a small sample of cervical cells and examining the tissue under a microscope.

Cone biopsy Cervical cancer that invades deeper into the cervix is referred to as invasive cancer and requires more extensive treatment. Treatment options may include: Health Promotion Board. Cervical Cancer. Please select one screening methodology to rule out cancer.

Your screening choice must come from the National Clearinghouse bistroriviere.com Screening and Health Promotion Research Paper You will need to provide evidence for each of the guidelines for your selection and apply it to a specific population.

Women's Health Promotion Cervical Cancer&nbspResearch Paper

Women's Health Promotion: Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer is a serious women's health issue. While many women go to their doctor yearly for testing in order to detect cancer and other problems early, many other women ignore this important examination (Gadducci, et al., ; Harper, ).

As can be seen, cervical cancer is a serious health issue for women all over the world. There are numerous deaths every year, so it is not something that can be ignored or overlooked.

The pap smear is a very important way to find cervical cancer, especially before it becomes too far advanced. The Health Promotion logo incorporates five key action areas in Health Promotion (build healthy public policy, create supportive environments for health, strengthen community action for health, develop personal skills, and re-orient health services) and the three basic Health Promotion strategies.

The Health Promotion logo incorporates five key action areas in Health Promotion (build healthy public policy, create supportive environments for health, strengthen community action for health, develop personal skills, and re-orient health services) and the three basic Health Promotion strategies (to enable, mediate, and advocate) as described.

Cervical cancer health promotion essay
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