I want to write a vampire novel

They can tear through humans and possibly other supernaturals with ease. I love a good mystery and I love plot twists and turns.

Are they a race of Exclusively Evil? Go to the conference home page to register or for more information. So you do not have to spell everything out all at once or at all. Ok first off, determine the persona and identity of your vampire character. Every protagonist needs challenges to overcome and vampires have a ridiculous number of potential ones to deal with ranging from the classics like sunlight and repulsion by crosses to the more obscure like needing to sleep in the Earth of their homeland.

Most vampires just get away with their undead lives in books because the books are uninterested in telling the story. Or a pack of mindless bloodthirsty beasts which are basically zombies in all but name? Call parts and actions by their names. Want your vampires to be able to function during daylight?

Then take the rest and move them around a little. And you can and, frankly, should drag a number of those elements to zero, and start with a smaller list of vampiric powers and weaknesses that match your unique vision.

So werewolves that are high up on the food chain would be fantastic. And by all means search for until you find the British film Byzantiumdirected by Neil Jordan. Since vampires seem to have been depicted with fewer and fewer weaknesses as time has gone by, it would be kind of refreshing to see a modern vampire story that featured vampires with some of the older more traditional weaknesses.

To a lesser degree, same with Seras. If the issue comes up, have some significant drawbacks to these methods or an explanation why the substitutes would not suffice the need to prey on humans. Choices, Choices Edit Now that you've decided what kind of vampire novel you're going to write, here are some things to consider.

Are they a race of Always Chaotic Evil?

Writing the Vampire

Count Dracula survived forever by literally draining the lifeblood of the peasantry. The Hunger was about loneliness and alienation.

Just to help you out a bit, I have gathered some titles of some books pertaining to vampirism that people have bought, read and even turned into movies over time. Our Vampires Are Different: It may be interesting to do something of a double subversion and look up some of the older more obscure depictions of vampires in folk lore and base the vampires in your story on those for example: Related to the above, do not put overemphasis on the sexual prowess or appeal of vampires unless you are writing porn.

What would a world look like where vampires and humans lived in harmony? Potential Motifs Because Arc Words are awesome! Decide which genre your vampire novel will be. The Ubiquitous Mary Sue: Just because your story is fiction and some of your characters are supernatural beings does not mean that the intrapersonal dynamics between them do not have to be believable.

Non-satire comedy Strip away the glamorization and make vampirism actually seem like a disease or a disability, the whole eternal youth thing can still be there, but add some other more gruesome physical symptoms that would make the audience really contemplate rather or not it would be worth it can you say Body Horror?

Dark Age vampires vs. Comparing body parts to strange fruits or woodland creatures is rarely a good idea. Do you want your vampires to be forced into that condition? Take out all the transforming into animals stuff?

Till only a little while back in the past, it would have been considered absolutely insane and baloney if someone wanted to depict a young vampire male walking out in the sun to show off his sparkly abs to a mortal young girl who happens to admire him; such ideas for a vampire story would simply just not have worked out till a little while ago.

Firstly, is it any way to make up for past misdeeds? Sure they would scare the living hell out of a 5 or 7 year old, but even that does not work many a times now. I was trying to apologize for the genre.

Now you have to figure out what alignment your vampires are. Just to help you out a bit, I have gathered some titles of some books pertaining to vampirism that people have bought, read and even turned into movies over time. The brooding, sulky romantic hero is one.“How to Write Your Own Vampire Novel” is an excellent primer for those who are thinking of writing in the Vampire world.

For Vampire fans aged ten to a hundred and ten, the guide is useful, well laid out, thought provoking, and bistroriviere.coms: 2. Jul 22,  · Well, I really wanna write a vampire book. Like a novel or something. But whenever I start writting it ends up being like Twilight.

Ughh. Im too attached to bistroriviere.com: Resolved. Apr 16,  · How to Write a Vampire Saga (Tweens). Vampires are cool. And you want to write about these magnificent creatures.

You can write a: * Romance Novel * Action Novel * Horror Novel * Children's Book Choose your genre. More people are 80%(15). A page for describing SoYouWantTo: Write a Vampire Novel. Literature about vampires has been around since the 18th century and for good reason.

The vampire.

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Jun 19,  · Ten tips for writing a vampire novel I love vampires but, God almighty, it's =hard to do anything new with them. For years I wanted to thing I'd love to do but I couldn't think of what I could bring to the table which wouldn't be warmed over Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Lost Boys.

Want to Learn More About the Snowflake Method? Check out my best-selling book, How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake bistroriviere.com book is a different kind of teaching tool. It uses a story to SHOW you how to write a novel, rather than to TELL you how to write a novel.

I want to write a vampire novel
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