Superworm writing activities

If you would like to focus on a different topic, browse this section for other options. RE — Special Places We have been identifying places that are special to Christians and thinking about why they are special.

The activity is easy to set up in superworm writing activities outdoor area with some trees where children can collect their own sticks as well as a range of other natural materials. Write character profiles about Superworm and Wizard Lizard. At the end check all the answers together — the team with the most correct answers — in the correct colours — wins.

How might he respond? Where does your story take place?

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The power of this comes though when applying the short burst into the stories that the children write. ELG01 Communication and language development: Essentially, we can use short burst writing for any skills we want to practice and then apply in longer pieces.

A simple treasure hunt starts with one clue. ELG17 Expressive arts and design: We investigated each layer and the different animals and plants that live there. Rain-forest Weather Patterns This afternoon in Geography, we have been finding out about rain-forest weather.

Shoot the Baddies Outside the kids found one of the signs on the side of the shed along with some pictures of various baddies with tricky words superimposed on top. This activity can be easily adapted for a variety of age groups.

ELG16 Expressive arts and design: I'm now quite confused! Beak curved like a scimitar. Following this we found out about the different layers of the Earth. We investigated changing height and changing surfaces and made sure that we used a fair test. How might he respond?

They move confidently, negotiating space and practicing control and co ordination in bending and stretching to collect natural materials. What else would they like to know about their friends Stick Man story?

Superworm: Secret Identity [Worm x Superman: Secret Identity]

Modelling is very powerful. Science Choose one of the creatures from the story. Almost every single child wanted to design a trap. If you have more than three or four students, set them off in separate groups, with a five minute gap between. Which materials does he like to use?

Can you compare these to other descriptions of superhero characters? They can search for the hiding places in any order. Can you make a new page in which Superworm helps a different animal?

Superworm: Secret Identity [Worm x Superman: Secret Identity]

The brief was to teach a maths lesson but from what I can gather from the posts on here and talking to EYFS practioners that good practice is to provide maths activities alongside related activities in all the other areas of the framework rather than to teach a Maths lesson as would happen in KS1 and 2.

This is often a short message, possibly in rhyme but it could be a picture, a question etc.

Outdoor Play: Gruffalo Games & Superworm Olympics

What questions would you like to ask him? Write a newspaper report about one of the times when Superhero comes to the rescue.The Wrong Kind of Bark Reading Ladder Level 3 illustrated by Garry Parsons.

Egmont ISBN A funny story about a dreamy boy who keeps on bringing in the wrong things for his classroom’s Nature Table. The aim of modelled writing is use the “think aloud strategy” to model what goes on in the head of the writer.

Team Rowling Activities

Not only does this give the teacher opportunities to explicitly talk about elements of the writing process, but also allows students to observe the way a writer crafts and records a text. It provides teachers with a wealth of resources to teach Superworm. Notes and activities include shared texts, guided reading notes, reading activities, speaking and listening activities, writing projects and assessment Jean Evans, Lucy Davies-Spiers.

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Here are 20 of the very best books about kindness for kids! Absolutely perfect for teaching the most important lessons in life about values, character development and showing empathy towards others, in a world that seems increasingly scary and uncertain.

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Superworm writing activities
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