The issue of life and death in the controversial debates on abortion and euthanasia

The argument says that there is no real difference between passive and active euthanasia, and so if we accept one, we should accept the other. He reassured those who thought his motion did not go far enough by saying legislation in the matter would have to proceed step by step, starting with those who would give consent!!

It would appear from the debate on the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill in the House of Lords in March that even a man of the learning of the Anglican Bishop of Durham could be misled by the ambiguity of the term "euthanasia", for he said that one of the contexts in which this question arose was that of keeping people alive by highly artificial means.

Any decision should be guided by the principle of double effect, which is widely misunderstood and, therefore, often suspected of being a "Jesuitical" splitting of hairs. Downing Peter Owen, London, page Fifty were against, and two did not express any definite opinion.


Abortions can by law be performed only in certain circumstances laid down - albeit inadequately - in the Act. Even if euthanasia were permissible to these patients probably very few would wish to avail themselves of it".

The other is to keep the status quo, but this limits options of a peaceful death to those with the requisite information, capital and means. To those who believe in the brotherhood of man, whether from religious or humanist considerations, any antithesis between the ultimate good of the individual and of society must be a contradiction in terms.

Many an old invalid person in the home, many a severely handicapped child, have formed a focal point for family love. Existentialists also believe in consciousness when the agent is making a rational decision.

However, consistent with individual liberty, there should be no restriction on the right of an individual to choose voluntary euthanasia, providing that they are well informed, of sound mind etc.

This would especially affect people who are disabled, elderly, sick or depressed. Basic Arguments against Euthanasia Fear: The non-statutory declaration suggested by Rose Barrington Ibid.

That is why so many support him. What an indictment against our society to propose killing people because there is not enough sympathy and help for them! In the cases of the women, they emphatically told Dr Nitschke, friends and relatives to mind their own business. But this will rarely occur; more often than not the benefit of rest and sleep and an untroubled mind will do the patient more good than heavy sedation will do him harm.

Changing the law to allow euthanasia or assisted suicide will inevitably put pressure on vulnerable people to end their lives for fear of being a financial, emotional or care burden upon others. If the old are a burden on their relations, the solution is to make proper provision for them.

Basic Arguments About Euthanasia

The doctor is primarily concerned with individual patients, and then with the family who are intimately associated with the death. A group of German Scientists announced that there is some form of life after death.

Euthanasia may be distinguished from a practice called physician-assisted suicide, which occurs when death is brought about by the persons own hand by means provided to him or her by another person.

Report this Argument Con I think that there is no life after death, if we think logically if their is life after death then our scientist have found the way and scientist also believe that there is no life after death.Moral Views on Abortion and Euthanasia The argument of the sanctity of life lies at the heart of all ethical debates on embryo experiments, abortion and euthanasia.

Ina nationwide debate was instigated in Britain, regarding whether abortion was a violation of the sanctity of life.

Arguments For and Against Euthanasia

Euthanasia opponents say that economics is behind the drive to legalise assisted suicide. Many patients with medical and surgical problems are no longer put on waiting lists because of funding issues and New Zealand is facing an expected increase in younger patients with.

Perversely, as voluntary euthanasia is illegal in most jurisdictions, it would seem that somewhere between the ages of twenty (when some women might have an abortion) and seventy (the age where some may be terminally ill or have a poor quality of life) women lose legal control of their bodies.

Pros and cons of controversial issues.

What are the Most Common Ethics Issues?

Read pro and con arguments for and against topics such as medical marijuana, euthanasia, prostitution, gun control, and more. U NDERSTAND T HE I SSUES. U NDERSTAND E ACH O THER.

Ethical Key Issues - Euthanasia

Menu Toggle navigation. Death Penalty - Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed? The Choices of Life Upholds the value of human life from conception to natural death.

Life after death

Provides information for Home, School & Churches. Provides information for Home, School & Churches. HOPE is a website dedicated to bring news, information, action and prevention regarding euthanasia. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are matters of public concern because they involve one person facilitating the death of another.

Friends, relatives, healthcare staff and society are hugely affected by the wider ramifications of the process.

The issue of life and death in the controversial debates on abortion and euthanasia
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