The liberal point of view regarding communitarianism of american democracy

Government must protect citizens from the greed of big business. In the 20th Century, in the face of the growing relative inequality of wealth, a theory of Modern Liberalism or New Liberalism or Social Liberalism was developed to describe how a government could intervene in the economy to protect liberty while still avoiding Socialism.

Embryonic stem cells have been shown to be effective in treating heart damage in mice. The government must produce a national plan for all energy resources and subsidize partially pay for alternative energy research and production.

A common objection is that by providing such rights, communitarians violate the negative rights of the citizens; rights to not have something done for you. In turn, state and local governments should work with and listen to the federal government instead of distrusting or rejecting the legitimacy of the federal government.

This view also revived and provoked the second wave communitarian critique of liberal universalism and the debate became much more concrete and political in orientation.

For example, there is a tension between the universalizing impulses of early Confucianism—Confucius and Mencius did not consider the possibility of morally legitimate alternatives to their values—and the moral pluralism that tends to characterize the modern world.

During that time, they have created a massive police state to control people. Some of these may be appropriate only for societies with a Confucian heritage, others may also offer insights for mitigating the excesses of liberal modernity in the West.

Alternatively, some agree that negative rights may be violated by a government action, but argue that it is justifiable if the positive rights protected outweigh the negative rights lost. They serve, in many ways, different purposes, and provide coverage to different communities.

For one thing, Etzioni himself seeks to justify his policies with reference to need to maintain a balance between social order and freedom, Etzioni as opposed to appealing to the importance of community.

Christian democracy

Let me briefly note three relatively persuasive East Asian arguments for cultural particularism that contrast with traditional Western arguments for liberal universalism see Bellch. This is perhaps the most common meaning associated with the word community. And check out our page: Yet Etzioni also argues that the American political system is corrupt to the core, concluding that only extensive involvement in public affairs by virtuous citizens can remedy the situation: Cultural factors can provide moral foundations for distinctive political practices and institutions or at least different from those found in Western-style liberal democracies.

We assume that people recognize the rights of others and some uncontracted obligations toward others, as well. And again, history repeated itself, both in the name of the eventual winner, and in the historic nature of that victory.

But contemporary feminist theorists have reinterpreted Confucianism to make it more compatible with modern-day values while maintaining commitment to central Confucian values see, e.

After a brief interruption by a surprise and historic character, the stage was once again set for a direct confrontation. On the continuum between freedom and community, communitarians are more inclined to draw the line towards the latter.

Communitarians can remind Confucians that their philosophy may be more appropriate in certain settings than others, and that they should allow for the possibility of morally legitimate alternatives in different contexts.

Its use as a political term, however, only dates from the early 19th Century. In Political Liberalism, Rawls he argues in a communitarian vein that his conception of the person as impartial citizen provides the best account of liberal-democratic political culture and that his political aim is only to work out the rules for consensus in political communities where people are willing to try for consensus.


As we have seen, the debate on universalism versus particularism has moved from fairly abstract methodological disputes between Anglo-American philosophers to relatively concrete international political disputes between philosophers, social scientists, government officials, and NGO activists.

For example, American society favors being religious over being atheist, but is rather neutral with regard to which particular religion a person should follow.

The United Nations Charter gives the United Nations Security Council the power and responsibility to take collective action to maintain international peace and security.

They are okay with less government because they understand what less government represents: It lingered in the air of those meetings, sporadically producing a wafting odor that became more familiar over time.

The government should provide equal health care benefits for all, regardless of their ability to pay. Support increased production of nuclear energy. Confucian Revival in Contemporary China, Albany: Zhonguo Shehui Kexue Chubanshe. The manipulation of the mainstream parties continued while the families surreptitiously built a web of candidates that reflected their grand scheme.The distinctive attributes of our democracy have been individual liberty since the independence of America came about in the seventeenth century.

No other aspect is. The Political Divide In Health Care: A Liberal Perspective the excesses of unbridled capitalism created a change in liberal doctrine, which began to view.

The liberal belief in health care as a right is based on two varieties of liberal thinking, as noted in the discussion of liberalism above: (1) the social justice argument advanced by Rawls that. I am a liberal and proud of it. But don't be afraid, you can keep your guns and religion.

I would just like to share my opinions and hope you will do the same. From a theoretical point of view, however, it must be conceded that the official debate on Asian values has not provided much of a challenge to dominant Western political outlooks.

By the early s, this liberal-communitarian debate over the self had effectively faded from view in Anglo-American philosophy. –––,Beyond. Cultural liberalism; Democracy. Liberal democracy; Economic liberalism; defines equity feminism as "a moral doctrine about equal treatment that makes no commitments regarding open empirical issues with one political scientist even calling American liberalism "bootleg social democracy" due to the absence of a significant social.

The liberal point of view regarding communitarianism of american democracy
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